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Camping Items To Make Your Outdoor Camping Adventure Fun, Comfortable and Safe

Camping can be a lot of fun if you go well prepared for the adventure.  What you need will depend on where you are going, how long you will stay and how many members are in your party.  Another consideration will be the weather and the location of where you plan to camp. 

In addition to a portable generator you may want to consider other items that will make your camping adventure a comfortable and enjoyable outing.

Below is a preparedness checklist of items that you may wish to consider taking along with you so you will enjoy each day and night. Depending on where you are going, how many people are going and what you plan to do on your camping trip you will obviously not need all of these items. But, the list may prompt you to carry something you will need that you had not otherwise thought of. Go here to see a quick checklist of small necessary camping items you may have forgotten to pack.

In and Around Your Camping Spot

  • Camping Tent - Tents come in all sizes from one lightweight one person up to a twelve person tent. You can get one with a screened porch, multiple rooms, ones with e-port access for your generator or power available at a camp ground, with multiple doors and even tents to attach to the back of your SUV, CRV and Truck bed.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Tent Stakes - You may not want to carry just one type of tent stake. Some tent stakes are better for different soil conditions and have different levels of holding power. You may need heavy duty pegs to penetrate a hard, rocky ground area or a stake more for holding in a sandy soil condition.
  • Inflatable Air Beds - If you are tent camping then get one or more inflatable air beds for comfortable sleeping inside your tent. Add to that an inflatable pillow or a soft camping pillow. The medium to larger tents will usually accomodate a couple of queen sized inflatable air beds. You can also use multiple of the single size inflatable air mattresses. These could feel more like home if you add sheets. If you are using sleeping bags you may choose to forgo the sheets.
  • Pillows - It is probably not adviseable to take along your comfortable "at home" bed pillow, but you will appreciate a good inflatable camp pillow or even a travel pillow to use in the car while traveling.
  • Folding Camp Chairs - If you are tent camping you will probably not want to sit on the ground all the time. A good comfortable folding chair will give you a place to just sit and read or maybe even do some star gazing in the evenings. If you have kids, they really like having their own child-size folding camp chair. They come in bright colors and cute designs and are built just for kids.
  • Camping Cots - Whether you are sleeping out in the open or inside your tent you may prefer a cot to an air mattress or pad. A cot will have you raised off the ground more and might be more comfortable to get on or off of than an air mattress or sleeping bag on the ground.
  • Blankets - If you are camping out during cold weather take along a cold weather camping blanket such as these cold weather waterproof camping blankets made by Mambe.
  • Flashlights and Lanterns - Depending on your setup there are hanging lanterns and tabletop lanterns that will give a good general all around light for after dark activities. A flashlight is good to have by your bedside for a quick light when you need it. Kids will usually feel more safe if they have their trusty flashlight at their fingertips.
  • Camping Shower, Shower Pump - If you are camping at a campsite which provides shower facilities this item may not even be a considration. But, if not, a portable camp shower is a way to have privacy while keeping clean.
  • Rain Shelter Tarp - these multi-purpose tarps are almost a must have while camping or backpacking. They can keep you dry during those rain showers or even snow.

Kitchen Items for Camping

  • Portable Coffee Pot - If you or someone in your camping party is a coffee drinker then don't forget the camp stove coffee pot to get your day started out right.
  • Camp Stove - Part of the fun of camping out is cooking out over the open flame of a camp fire or on a camp stove.
  • Matches / Lighter - Unless you are a boyscout you probably won't be able to get the fire started with a lighter or some matches.
  • Fuel / Firewood - Matches won't do you a lot of good if you don't have something to light. If you are camping somewhere that has a wooded area near by then you can probably find some brush or limbs but you really need some good firewood for a nice cozy fire. And if you plan on using a camp stove then you will need fuel.
  • Fire Extinguisher - For putting out the camp fire and dealing with any fire that gets out of hand.
  • Frying Pan / Cook Pots / Dutch Oven - Got the fire then you need pots and pans to cook the food in. If fishing is part of your outdoor adventure then you will certainly want a good frying pan so you can enjoy the catch.
  • Mugs / Cups / Thermos - Great for all your hot and cold beverages.
  • Food Storage Containers - Good for putting leftovers on ice in the ice chest. Resealable storage bags are good for this also.
  • Coolers / Ice Chest - If you are camping out in the hot summer weather this is almost a must.
  • Collapsible Water Container - Full when you need them and flat when you don't.
  • Portable or Standing Camp Sink - Great to use for cleaning that big fish catch.
  • Portable Clothes Washer - These little washer are great to keep t-shirts, jeans, towels and underware clean so you don't have to take as many sets of clothes with you or lug around a bunch of dirty clothes in a laundry bag.
  • Drying Rack / Clothes Line - Fresh air dried clothes always smell the best.

Personal and Other Items

  • Portable Camp Toilet - Great little invention. Don't forget the toilet paper and the toilet bags for the potty.
  • First Aid Kit - Hopefully all you will need from your kit is something for scratches, scrapes and insect bites but, it is always better to be prepared than sorry. Check out First Aid Basic Care for a complete list of First Aid Items you might want to include.
  • Prescription Medications - Be sure to carry an adequate supply of any medications that any party member is taking.
  • Biodegradable Soap - Keep clean and protect nature.
  • Camera / Memory Cards / Binoculars - Don't forget to enjoy the beauty of nature and capture it for many pleasant memories in the future.
  • Pet Tent / Pet Bed  /  Pet Water and Food Bowls - Take your best friend with you, they not only love to be out in nature but they love to be with you. Don't forget their comforts also.
  • Radio - If you won't have service with your phone then you might want to carry a small radio with good reception to get weather updates and somewhat stay in touch with the rest of the world.
  • GPS / Compass - If you are going to be hiking away from the campsite then it will be helpful to have a compass or GPS on you.
  • Playing Cards / Games / Toys - If you have children in your camping group then you will want to think about entertainment especially on those rainy days. Water toys, board games, playing cards, electronic toys (don't forget extra batteries), basketball, etc. are some ideas. Even the adults can join in with some of this entertainment.

Outdoor Toys for the Kids Entertainment

Fishing / Hiking / Hunting / Water Sports Items

  • Life Jacket - If your sport takes you to the water be sure you have and use a life jacket. This is especially important for any children on or near lakes or rivers.
  • Fishing Gear
  • Canoeing / Kayaking Gear
  • Inflatable boat with paddles
  • Hunting Gear

Camping News Articles and Tips

Pre Camping Trip Preparation

  • Take a First Aid class and a CPR class.
  • Setup your tent in your own backyard before you go so you can be sure you have all parts and this practice will allow you to set up your tent quicker once you get to your campsite.
  • Check all your inflatable items to make sure your pump works and if there are any leaks, then you can patch them before you go.

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