Portable Cordless Rechargeale Blender for Camping, Travel, Work
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Cordless battery operated portable blender for camping. With its premium water resistant bag the BlenderX portable blender is also great for travel.


Keep energized with your smoothies you make in your BlenderX best portable battery operated cordless blender while camping outdoors.

BlenderX Portable Cordless Travel Blender for Crushed Ice, Smoothies, Protein Shakes

If you want to enjoy your blended smoothies and crushed ice while camping, use this BlenderX Portable Cordless Blender to prepare your favorite smoothie drink. The BlenderX rechargeable blender has superior portable power vs. USB blenders.. A portable blender that crushes and blends standard ice cubes and chunks of frozen and dry vegetables and fruits with ease.


This battery powered rechargeable blender needs no outlet. It is easy to clean and is great as an outdoor blender or even at home because it takes up less counter space. It was the winner of Best Portable Blender 2020 by Cuisinebank.


There are so many possibilities for the use of the BlenderX portable rechargeable blender. Use in places like tailgating, outdoor barbeque, camping, pool area, home bar, at the beach, on a picnic, at work, in your car and more... Make the best in slushies, milkshakes for the kids, frozen drinks for mom and dad and serve healthy smoothies and shakes for all.


The BlenderX has a 20 oz. BPA free Tritan Plastic Jar with convenient measurements and easy on-the-go travel lid and you can make multiple drinks per blend. There is a professional looking stainless steel motor base with non-slip rubber feet. This blender has powerful FOOD GRADE stainless steel blades.


There is a preminum water resistant stylish bag for travel and storage and has a shoulder strap for easy carrying and plenty of room inside the bag to pack extras like paper plates and cups.


You will be impressed with this portable blender and its powerful performance. You will find that it is able to crush and puree large pieces quickly and easily.



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Smoothie Recipe for Blenders

Healthy Super Berry Smoothie


1 Scoop of Quality Whey Protein
1 cup of fresh or frozen Blueberries

1 cup of fresh or frozen Blackberries

1 cup of fresh or frozen Raspberries

1 cup of fresh or frozen Strawberries

1 scoop of non-fat Yogurt

12 ounces of Water





BlenderX Cordless Portable Travel Blender - perfect for blending smoothies while camping, tailgating, pool areas. Make shakes for the kids with your blender for the kids to enjoy.



Not only can you enjoy smoothies and crushed ice from your portable blender while at home, you can take the BlenderX Portable Cordless Blender when you go camping, boating, tailgating and just traveling in general. The BlenderX Portable Blender is a powerful blender that can crush ice and puree large pieces of fruits and vegetables quickly and easily at home or on the road. The blender jar has convenient and helpful maximum and minimum fill lines. Enjoy your smoothies and frozen drinks from this portable blender while camping or wherever you choose to vacation.


It takes about 3.5 hours to recharge and is designed to provide 20-30 blends on a single charge. So it makes an excellent car blender, portable camping blender, take along to work blender, tailgatng blender in your rv and more. It is just a good all around portable smoothie blender that you will be happy with.



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