Oregon Premium All Season Bar & Chain Oil
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Oregon 54 026 Premium Quality Bar and Chain Oil, 1 qt for your chainsaw lubrication. This super grade luricant can be used for hot or cold weather cutting. Oil lubricates all of the cutting components for your chainsaw which reduces rust and ear and tear of the saw.


One Gallon size of Oregon Premium Quality Bar and Chain Oil. If you use your chainsaw a lot then you would probably be more interested in the gallon size of the Oregon bar and chain oil.

Oregon Premium 54 026 Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil, Quart and Gallon Size

Quart and Gallon size Oregon Premium Bar and Chain Oil that is suitable for gas chainsaws, cordless chainsaws, electric chainsaws, hedge trimmers, pole saws and more. This Oregon bar and chain oil is a superior grade lubricant for your hot or cold weather chainsaw cutting needs. It is a universal saw bar and chain oil recommended as a lubricant for all chainsaws. This oil lubricates all of the cutting components of your chainsaw and reduces rust and wear and tear which will give you a longer life for your chainsaw. It reduces friction between the bar and chain. By protecting the chain chassis it helps prevent saw chain failure. This chainsaw chain lube helps resist build-up of deposits such as sap while using your saw.


Oregon Bar and Chain Oil is specially compounded to deliver extra tackiness and prevent "throw-off", even when the weather conditions are adverse. The high film-strength prevents wear or scuffing of chain links and bars while protecting the metal parts against rust and corrosion. Oregon chain oil helps resist build-up of deposits such as sap, resins or gum onto your saw chain to give you longer lasting bars and chains.


Chainsaws require something sticker thatn conventional motor oil. This oil is formulated to endure the most demanding saw applications for professionals and homeowners alike. This Oregon product is a premium oil base fortified with high-performance additives. It is designed to be used with all brands and types of chainsaws.


When you purchase a new chainsaw, it does not typically come with bar and chain oil. You will need to purchase it separately. If you do not already have a chainsaw or would like to convert from a gas chainsaw to a battery powered one then check out the lightweight WEN cordless chainsaw.


The Oregon chain and bar oil pours out smoothly from the container which is simple to grip and easy to carry around. It is a clean looking lubricant with no visible debris. Use on electric, cordless or gas chainsaws, hedge trimmers or any other slide bar or chain gear applications.


If you are looking for a lubricant that will extort maximum power from your chainsaw’s engine, the Oregon 54 026 Chain Saw Bar & Chain Oil is for you.





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What is Bar and Chain Oil?


Bar and chain oil is used to lubricate a chainsaw's bar and chain in order to reduce friction caused by the metal-on-metal contact between the chainsaw's bar and the chain. Bar and chain oil is not the same as motor oil. It is made of a petroleum or vegetable base and is applied to the bar and chain by filling a dedicated reservoir for the lubricant.


How to Add Bar and Chain Oil


May 3, 2022 - A chainsaw has a separate reservoir to hold bar and chain oil. Even though you should always keep an eye on your oil level, most gas powered saws hold enough oil to last as long as a tank of fuel.


Follow these easy steps to re-fill your bar and chain oil:


  • Set your chainsaw on a level surface, bar side down so that it lays flat.
  • Allow a minute or two for the oil to settle, then remove the cap to the chainsaw's bar and chain oil reservoir.
  • Use a small funnel and slowly pour the bar and chain oil into the reservoir, being careful not to overfill.
  • When the reservoir is full, firmly replace the cap and wipe down the surrounding area of any excess oil.


That's it. Simple and Easy.


Another Maintenance Item


If your chainsaw bar features a sprocket at the nose, add some grease to that as well. Just use a grease gun to give it a couple of shots of grease.


Bar and chain oil is critical to the longetivity of your chainsaw and to keep it working at its maximum capacity. It is used to lubricate a chainsaw bar and chain in order to reduce friction caused by metal-on-metal contact while the chainsaw is in use. A chainsaw is designed with a separate reservoir to hold the bar and chain oil


Oregon bar and chain oil for gas, electric and cordless chainsaws. Easy to pour chainsaw chain oil.


A great all-season bar and chain oil luricant for all chainsaw brands. Even under adverse weather conditions Oregon bar and chain oil delivers extra tackiness and prevents throw off. It protects the cutting system from extreme friction; clings to the cutting chain to reduce wear. Comes in quart or gallon size. Give you maximum power, lower friction and faster cutting time. Proper oiling of your chainsaw's bar and chain is your chainsaw's best friend. The part of a chainsaw that needs the most attention is the bar and chain. If you chainsaw chain is running slowly be sure to check to see if you need to add bar and chain oil. Don't resort to motor oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, use an oil specifically made for lubricating bars and chains. A brand name oil like the Oregon 54-026 Premium bar and chain oil contains a substance called a tackifier which provides the amount of lubrication that bars and chains need.





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